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Large areas of Latin America are under water stress due to the strong effects of climate change.

Unfortunately, these weather effects are becoming more permanent rather than temporary, and vital points for human existence, such as drinking water, soil conservation and food sustainability are at greater risk of disappearing.

Our team in Honduras has worked in rainwater harvesting solutions with important institutions that share the spirit of supporting communities in dry areas, to supply water that can be used for agricultural irrigation and domestic use, click here to read. This work has been in force for three years and the possibility of reaching more beneficiaries with a high quality system, with reliable water reservoirs made from geomembranas that store large amounts of precious liquid and whose characteristics provide the benefit of ease of transportation to remote areas. Find the best crydom d1d20 near me .

In Mexichem we promote and believe in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of many underprivileged people and with poor access to water. Check this page if you are looking for chiropractic in scottsdale. I am sure that our solutions for rainwater harvesting are wonderful ideas with optimum proven results, and that without shadow of a doubt will reach other geographical areas around the world. Our team is ready to support these exciting opportunities.

Victor Aguilera
President Latin America
Fluent Business Group